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“The encounter between the Old and New Worlds was characterized by dispossession, oppression and massacre, but in some places there were periods of friendly engagement. As Crèvecoeur documents, Native Americans were sometimes given the opportunity to join European households as equals; and in many cases Europeans were able to join Native American communities on the same basis. It could be seen as a social experiment. In both instances, people had a choice between the relatively secure, but confined, settled and regulated life of the Europeans, and the mobile, free and uncertain life of the Native Americans. There was no mistaking the outcome. In every case, as Crèvecoeur and [Benjamin] Franklin tell us, the Europeans chose to stay with the Native Americans, and the Native Americans returned, at the first opportunity, to their own communities. This says more than is comfortable about our own lives”.

George Monbiot, Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea and Human Life

Frugal Pickling

This evening on my way home I popped into a couple of supermarkets as they were closing for the cheap food that they’re trying to sell before they have to throw it away for no reason. Got myself 4x 250g packets of “mixed veg” (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower) in Morrisson’s for the pricely sum of £1, took them home, par-boiled them and made this much pickle:


White vinegar, boiled with peppercorns and cloves. Vegetables were cooked with bay leaves, which I’ve added to the jars for reasons of flavour. This is an easy thing you can do with food that’s not going to be eaten in time. Pickles last for months and months and there aren’t really many things you can’t pickle so why aren’t we all eating pickle all the time?

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Thinking vs Pain

A recent article in the Guardian reports how participants in a psychological test preferred self-administered electric shocks to sitting alone with their thoughts for 6-15 minutes. It’s an unpleasant result, and one from which it’s easy to jump to unpleasant conclusions. In a comment article two days later, the intriguingly-monikered Anouchaka Grose remarked:

Most people will do anything to avoid their internal voices. Unstructured, uninterrupted thinking is awful. There’s no guarantee where it might go. You might start off thinking about how much you’d like to eat a mint yoghurt and end up picturing a chainsaw slicing through the flesh of your right thigh.

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