A List of Popular Things

1.  Drinking lots of alcohol.

2.  Wearing fashionable clothes.

3.  Drinking lots of alcohol in a group context while wearing fashionable clothes.

4.  Famous people.

5.  Famous people and what they look like wearing fashionable clothes.

6.  Famous people who have drunk lots of alcohol and get themselves photographed falling out of nightclubs and their fashionable clothes.

7.  Nightclubs.

8.  People who have become very famous for going on television to sing karaoke.

9.  Hair cuts.

10.  Famous people’s haircuts.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, to coin a phrase

Just in case you were short of proof that the so-called “Christian Right” (so called, that is, for being neither Christian nor right) are absolutely, 100% goatshit insane, take at look at this post from the always delightful but sometimes also horrifying Oddity Central, “New York Church Plans to Give Away Semi-Automatic Rifle as Raffle Prize”.  From the article: “The special service on that day will be dedicated to ‘hunters and gun owners who have been so viciously attacked by the antichristian socialist media and antichristian socialist politicians the last few years’”.  That’s right.  Somebody actually said that.  Somebody actually said that attempts to control access to instruments of violence is “antichristian”.  And, in a word that seems to have become, in America, a byword for everything evil, “socialist”.  Which suggests an affinity with the concept of English words close to the affinity with the concept of reality these people have.

Tea and Oranges

Last week I discovered oranges.  I didn’t discover oranges obviously; I discovered what it is like for me to start eating them.  I’d thought for years I didn’t like oranges.  Turns out I do like oranges.  Then over the weekend, I discovered this:



1 or 2 oranges

1 or 2 tea bags

Hot water

Just like making a cup of tea, really.  Allow tea bags and oranges to seep in the water for about five minutes, then eat the orange segments, one by one.  Feel the sweet, warm and juicy pulp in your mouth and throat.  A simple delight.  As a bonus, you may also wish to dilute the left over water, leave it to cool, and use it to feed your house plants.  In this way, everybody wins.

Atoms for Peace performing ‘Rabbit in Your Headlights’

Something of a lost gem, this song, so it’s a treat to hear it dusted down and performed so magnificently by Thom Yorke’s new band, Atoms for Peace. Reciting the sample used in the original 1998 recording (from the film, “Jacob’s Ladder”, since you asked) live is an odd choice, but somehow it works. Also Thom’s singing voice sounds as rich and evocative as it ever has. Enjoy.