Bob Dylan’s email address

If the prospect of Bob Dylan having his very own radio programme isn’t arousing enough, it is even apparently possible to email him with your questions and requests:

Don’t start stroking your genitals too vigorously though: it isn’t a freely available, or podcasted programme, as far as I can discover. You have to pay for to listen to XMRadio. Bastards. Still, Bob Dylan’s email address? Yes.

Dear Mr Dylan,
Being consistently one of the five best people in the world for nearly fifty years now – fun or folly? Why can’t the sun be both yellow and chicken at the same time? Can Kieran support you on tour next year? Is it true that you’re never going to die? Is anything that has ever been said or written about you true? How many songs can you write in one hour? Have you ever recorded versions of Desolation Blues or It’s Alright Ma, I’m Only Bleeding that actually go on forever? Do you like anyone? Would you like a cup of tea? What’s the best key to write a twenty-five minute song in? Will Wayne Rooney recover in time for the World Cup? How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man? Ever considered making an abstract laptop-improv album? Why did you accept an honorary degree from the University of St. Andrews despite clearly hating every moment of the ceremony? (I’m sorry I wasn’t there, by the way: I should have been, but I’d gone crazy. I’m OK now). Do you think you could ask the bloke I lent the first volume of your autobiography to about a year and a half ago to send it back? I think you’d be more persuasive than me. Tell him he should be made to wear earphones.
Jonny Bradshaw.

PS. This is fun, isn’t it?


  1. If that’s Bob’s email address then he’ll definitely respond to that with vigour. How couldn’t he?

    Anyone would be delighted to have such a perfectly aimed volley of questions hit them. Why aren’t interviews in Q and NME like this? I know. Everyone else is a t.w.a.t.

  2. Hello,

    Im amazed i can email u, Im from Northern Ireland and have got to hear your music from a couple of elderly folk (joking!!) and you are just you I feel and thats good.

    Keep enjoying your life and do what you enjoy and live life to the full I hope one day i can meet you, thankyou for the brilliant songs and the ability to make someone happy through them. Thats all.

    Ps thats our website here!



  3. Why do I have to pay to listen to you dj? that really sucks because I like your hair and your hair and your voice go together like ketchup and mustard and what is ketchup and mustard without me to eat it with my hotdog or hamburger. I saw you in concert last year in Nashville and there was this crazy drunk guy that kept on yeling out odd things like “Free Bird” and then when you came out he started dancing really weird and I freaded out . I have to leave now because sometimes life is a bitch.

    Love Lauren

  4. I can’t hear what your saying on the radio because I have to pay for it and that really sucks again……but you should like post something on here so I know your reading this (Bob Dylan}
    Also I know you think I’m strange but I’m not.

    You should come to the Wakarusa Festival I mean play there or dress in disquise

    peace out love ya

  5. I can’t hear your radio station because I don’t have that station and you have to pay for it right? and that isn’t cool man but if you didn’t have to pay for it I would be listening to it all the time and that would be happiness right?

    I love the sound of breaking glass

    Does anybody else on this email thing ever talk?

    that would be cool if they did.

    I have to leave now because life is sometimes a bitch

    Peace out love ya

  6. Dear Bob Dylan
    I wish that I wouldn’t have to pay to get your radio station because it’s not that easy for someone like me to get that really cool shit.
    I have to leave now because life isn’t really that bad just sometimes it is a bitch but it isn’t really when I get to your radio station.

  7. I hope there was a way to make me sure u read my note.
    i wonwer if u will answer me by is mine:””
    I`m persian.I love your songs and you as much as I cant describe.It`s my biggest dream being once near you or in your consert.I wish it will come true someday somehow.I Thank God that brought you into the world.Stay with us .
    I have a question
    I want to know what u think about Nick Cave .He is realy inspired from you and loves you and covered some songs of you.Do you listen to his songs or if u did ,did you like them?

  8. Dear Bob Dylan
    I’m a really old fat lady who lives in Amsterdam and ya see I need some things to be free instead of costing money because without things being free that is not freedom

  9. Hey, Mr. Bob Dylan!!!!!!
    I know that all this stuff probably bores you and that you probably don’t care ’bout anything anybody else says about your music and all, and I know you probably hate being thanked for blah blah blah and all that stuff, but any way, I appreciate what you have writen, I wish I could have XM radio, some day!!! I love your music and I don’t care, I just reacently listened to a whole buch of yur stuff and it made all other music sound like s#!+ and it made my poetry seem like $#!+ not that it matters, ‘nway poetry/some music RULES!!!!!!!!!
    And GUYS life’s not a bitch!!!!!!!!!LIVE IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. If I could email Mr Bob Dylan,
    I would thank him for his great work which affects me daily. I was first exposed to his work in the 80’s and found BIOGRAPH boxed set incredible. As a teenager at the time I didn’t have many people my age appreciating the same music.

    20 plus years later I have “The collection” from iTunes and as I have matured my understanding and appreciation of his work and being able to follow the growth of his body of work.

    He has integrity, it’s always the music, regardless of what critics may say, years later, they praise what they formerly didn’t comprehend. His work has stood the test of time- a measure of any great artist.

    Then I would probably for apologize for gushing like a FAN, but would want him to know that he is an inspirational person and has always reminded me, like another great poet from a different time.

    To thine ownself be true…

  11. Dr. MR. Bob Dylan
    I really love your music. I got some of your albums from my dad about a year ago and are always listening to them. I just began playing bass and really love music. I also recently got your autobiography and absolutly love it. I think you are so much of an inspiration and i know you probably get this all the time. If you could please email me at i’d love it, but if not i totally understand because you are all busy and stuff.

  12. I think I wrote before, but don’t see it here.
    anyway, am listening to Modern Times, esp. Levee’s gonna break
    and Ain’t Talkin’ (which has some of the best lyrics ever imho).

    Mr. Dylan, there is a coffeehouse here in Vicksburg MS that
    packs them in, maybe oh 50 people, ha. It’s called 61 coffee
    and it’s the best place in Mississippi you could ever just come
    visit and hang out. Attic Gallery too. No, I don’t work for them,
    they are my friends here. I’m from Minnesota. If you ever feel
    like visiting the Delta etc. just call the coffeehouse or the gallery. we have casinos here too, but I tend to avoid them.
    just a necessary evil here..

    p.s. there are no paparazzi here. that I know of. smiley.

  13. I’ve written a poetry collections book titled “Bob Dylan, the man With A Vision”. In this book I’ve about 15 poems/songs written on Mr. Dylan, the greatest creative artist of all time. He’s a teacher, mentor and a guide. We all are proud that we got him in our life time. My book is to honor and respect this great person, whose music starts my day and ends my day.

  14. I’ve written a poetry collections book titled “Bob Dylan, the man With A Vision”. In this book I’ve about 15 poems/songs written on Mr. Dylan, the greatest creative artist of all time. He’s a teacher, mentor and a guide. We all are proud that we got him in our life time. My book is to honor and respect this great person, whose music starts my day and ends my day. Please check the book at

  15. I just want to say to him, so that bob should know,I’ve done the distance too. And it’s good that I can sing along with him, while he
    reminds me and brings me back to earth. Thanks Bob, for being there when I need you. Jimmy G.

    Can somebody get this to him, and let him know,
    that he realy is a lighthouse for so many of us.

  16. Dear Bob Dylan
    I have wrote you a lot of times under a different name and I know you think I’m crazy and I am but that doesn’t mean anything it just says what it is and how it is and what will happen and why it will happen hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote a poem and I want you to read it so I’ll write it right now

    Watch out for my guitar
    it wants to kill your mama
    It might be the drugs its on
    it might be the drama

    It lights itself on fire
    then jumps off the bridge
    I always try to catch it
    but I miss by a smidge

    Watch out for my guitar
    it wants to kill your mama
    I don’t know whats wrong with
    it I think it is sick

    I have tons more just look up Patty Lopresley at I’m not kidding man they are all really good . I didn’t go to school today because I had a cold isn’t that horrible? Do you like Audioslave? listen to “It Doesn’t Remind Me” and “Like a Stone” I bet you know who B.B. King is have you ever heard that song called “To know you is to love you” that song is so jammin like I listened to it less than ten minutes ago I was dancin and stuff and that one song ” Nobodies home ” I wanted to see you perform in Kansas City but my parents wouldn’t take me and my friends didn’t have any money but i saw you twice before with my dad in Georgia a couple years ago I really liked it it was kind of crazy there. I like to sing too but I’m not very good at it . I had a dream that you came to Lawrence and tried to open up this mexican restaurant and it was almost scary cause you were trying to act like you were mexican. I woke up thinking what the heck?
    I wish I was alot older than I am.
    I don’t want to die without meeting you.
    My favorite song is To Ramona I love that song
    I wish I could write songs as well as you. Everyone thinks I’m weird cause your music is basically the only music I listen to.
    If i leave here tommorow would you still remember me?
    I know you and I think I love you and can’t you feel the love just growning,growing,growing?
    Life is a bitch
    lets all get rich and
    Caylx………….remember that name
    write it down on your hand or something .
    Peace love and more love.
    read my poetry please
    you will not die its not poison.

  17. HI Mr Dylan,

    I am from Brazil and was looking for your email because I had something really important to tell, really important to me I mean. Well, it has the most curious night for me, having just seen the film forever young, and beind greatly moved by in such a way that I am confident not to ever forget about it. I apreciate your art a great deal and sometimes I feel sure that we know each other, although we dont. All that I can collect from what I hear from is amazingly inspirational for me. Well, then here is my question.
    Have you ever heard about Sahaja Yoga?
    It’s a type of meditation that has done a great good for me. I have a practical faith on it (I mean I know it works deeply).
    Sorry if I am scaring you, but to me it is not comum situation either, i sound strange, bu it’s i dont know how to put it sometimes, the words.
    In their philosophie, they say that there have been people on earth that were more correct to their inner nature than others. I mean, people who have lived more accordingly to their own human heart than other people. And this freer people who have been genious guided by divine intuition are called Realised people, among them I can easyly names such as MOzart, Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, William Blake, Shakespeare, Socrates, etc
    And your name is on the list of realised souls, of course you cannot be compared to Mozart, who was totally divine as well of Jesus. But I hope you understand me when list together with wilde and shakespeare.
    I was really lacking some music man, now that i’ve turned my radio on.
    I know I would sound ridiculous to a simple-minded one, but i want to be simple too…
    Finally I think I’ve been a complete fool to this email and extend so long…
    If there’s any chance of you to writing me, my email is
    bye man

    ps: do you feel the cool wind on your hands?





















  19. ciao signor Dylan
    se i sogni qualche volta si avverano,questo sarebbe il più dolce e insperato,cioè che tu leggessi veramente questa mail.Scusa se ti scrivo in italiano,ma se ti scrivessi nel mio cattivo inglese,chissà cosa ti farei capire.L’illusione di parlare con te mi fa andare avanti.Dallo scorso anno,abbiamo provato a invitarti a cortina d’ampezzo in Italia,per un concerto allo stadio del ghiaccio,ma non siamo riusciti a contattarti mai.Avendo gli sponsor ed ogni assistenza da parte del comune di questa amena località di montagna,il sogno si può avverare? Non bastano le parole per decantare un grande maestro quale sei,non basta l’averti seguito nei concerti ,ascoltarti ogni giorno come una preghiera. Resterai una chimera,oppure..chissà! ti abbraccio rita

  20. Hey Bob, You are a triple Gemini. Well so is my 12 year old son. BUT, he’s a Taurus with Triple Gemini right behind it. What a coincidence cuzyou are also related through marriage) to my son, your second cousin Pearl’s daughter was married to my Uncle MIchael, and their son is my sons second cousin. I hope you (bob Dylan)will contact me. Cuz I think the Triple Gemini factor is very interesting. Also my son was born on friday the 13th! Hope to hear from you! Denise

  21. dear bob dylan,
    i´m 16 years old and from austria!
    and i´m one of your biggest fans!!!!!
    i´ve sent you a letter and i hope you get it!
    i have one question to you, do you still have this incredible motorbike (i think it´s a triumph 120)
    this machine is so cool!
    if i could, i would buy you :)
    peace astrid

  22. around 1981 i drove on your property in malibu and was stopped by armed guards. i gave them a vinyl album of my band called the elmer city rambling dogs. the cover had the members heads on dogs bodies. the album was titled JAM IT. we were on our own label called dog dirt records.the album cover was semi-obscene. did you ever receive it?

  23. Bob,
    You really should check out some amazing pics of the holy fire that has appeared every year at the same time since the 4th century. Strange other-worldly fire that does not burn when touched, fire that appears out of nowhere and lights candles spontaneously!!!

    You can also watch a streaming video show of beat poet Jack Keroac and hipster contemporary young poets, musicians, a trash fashion show AND a streaming video clip of Sci-Fi’s “The Lost Room” with the Milton Vrang riddle and rhyme!

    I think you’d also like to listen to music from the album “The Music of Le Masque” that’s very much like your’s…melodic, poetic and quite powerful.

    Anyway, thought I’d turn you on to this very cool site:

    Yours Very Truly,

  24. hey bob i’m 15 and i’m really interested in poetry i write some i have one guitar and one harmonica i dont have alot of money so i get what i can but people say i’m trying to copy you which makes me mad because i’m not and i dont want to anyway what i’m asking is i started to write a few songs and i’m in a jam and i was wondering if you could help me with info to get out of this jam and if you cant sorry for wasting your time.

  25. just for you to read… thanks for your magical inspiration

    Removing flaws of broken dreams
    Whispers you hear, when my soul screams.
    Can you hear me knocking
    I want to get in.
    With a cold shove
    pretend your in love.

    Make me your Queen and I’ll treat you like a King.
    Our love could be so tenderly strong.
    Is it to late? Have we waited to long?
    The dead could rise from your soul,
    An army of ghosts fighting for something
    So long ago.

    The letters you sent
    With a pen who’s ink is full of regret.
    And the ones I found,
    She wears your crown.
    I tried to believe, I tried so obliviously hard.
    I played the game, with your final dealt unkind card.

    Here I am
    Not at peace
    My magical love
    You could not conceive.
    I’ll bid my last farewell to my King.
    As you burn my letters and turn a new page.
    Here is my cold dead wedding ring.

  26. Hello mr.Dylan im not quite sure if you can answer this question but my english class and i had a very lare conversation about your song “All Along The Watch Tower” and i would love to get an accurate answer oh by the way my teacher mr. Lufft loves your work

    thanks for your help

  27. This is my letter to Bob Dylan.

    To Bob Dylan,

    I will try my best to avoid any clishe, but considering that I’m directing this message to you that is almost imposible. I’m from Montevideo, Uruguay, a country where you have never came and possible never will, but I truly hope you would (you did came to the Rolling Stone’s concert in 1995 in Buenos Aires, which is rather close, but considering that I’m quite poor and that I was 9 back there, I think you understand my absence).

    I admire your music, your poetry, and your actitude, but I guess thousand of people have told you that already, and I’m sure you’re pretty tired to hear it. However, there is some degree of originality in my feelings to you. I like the way you fool everybody, and the way you are brave in things that nobody suspects. I realized (watching the wonderful documental No Direction Home) that you were 20 or so when you left behind the folk music to pursuit a bigger goal. I tried to imagine myself doing that, abandon my “secure place”. I don’t know if you were afraid or not (because you ARE a genious and all the music you made, folk and rock and roll, is wonderful), but I really don’t care, because you didn’t pay attention to what the world said, and in my oppinion that showed more bravery and freedom that any other attitude I can think. I wonder if I will ever reach that degree of bravery and self confidence, but I will try.

    There are people that have formed my personality, and you are one of them (however corny that sounds), along with Borges, Goethe and my grandfather Claudio, and it’s really weird the fact that I listen to your voice everyday, and that’s more than the amount of time I listen to my parents. It’s also weird that I can’t be sure whether you will be reading this or not, however if you are I hope you understand how grateful I’m that we are conteporanians. It really doesn´t matter whether I will be able to go to any of yours shows (but I would really love that), however, I tried my best to express in this my second language what is going through my mind everytime I listen to your songs.

    To finish, I would like to tell you one more thing: in this tiny country I live, your doings reach me more than those of closer people. However, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea: I don’t think of you as a prophet or a surreal poet, but I admire you as a wonderful musician that was able to be free and do his will in a world where everybody is to some degree a prostitute.

    Hopefully, you will read this and be content with it.
    Thanks for everything.

  28. Almost everyone who has left a comment on this post is a total moron. At no point do I indicate that I am Bob Dylan or have any special contact with him that isn’t readily available elsewhere. To summarise what the post actually says for those of you who have no sense of humour, imagination, or credible grip on reality:

    “Look, I found a site about Bob Dylan’s radio show that says you can send emails to this address and he’ll respond to them. Wouldn’t it, like, be so cool if he, like, read my email?”

    But you, Jeanne G, are the stupidest of the lot. Nothing is being “hoaxed” because nothing is being claimed.

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