Tempting Moira

Purely by coincidence (I hope) the first web page I looked at this morning was listverse.com‘s ’20 Notable People Who Died At 27′ Coincidence, I say, because tomorrow I’m going to turn 27. On the other hand, though, I’m not famous, or even particularly ‘notable’. On the third hand, though, I kind of am. Last weekend I went out for dinner with some former colleagues, and met someone who’d started to work with them since I moved to my new job, who upon meeting me, affirmed that I was, “the legendary Jonathan”. (Yes, I’m Jonathan at work, not Jonny – it’s just more professional, don’t you think? Weirdly, about the same time I became professional, my parents stopped calling me Jonathan and started calling my Jonny. Funny old world).

I wasn’t actually that taken aback by this. It’s the sort of thing that happens to me more than I should statistically expect. I’ve really no way of gaguing how unusual this is but often when I’m introduced to people, they say, “I’ve heard so much about you”. Does this happen to you a lot too? I’d like to know. Normally, of course, I respond with a pseudo-humble, “well, it’s probably all true”, or words to that effect depending on context and intonation; and I say pseudo because really I’m not being humble at all. I’m very good at pretending to be humble but as it turns out from my extensive studies of human nature, sincerity is very, very easy to fake. (Hence, I suppose, the popularity of blogging).

Anyway, it did send a slight (insincere) shiver down my spine to read about that many people dying at the age of 27, though on the fourth hand most of these deaths were because of drug overdoses, murder, suicide, or other fashionable celebrity passtimes, none of which I have the slightest intention of getting involved in. All the same, makes me wonder. Am I past it? Or in the current climate, is staying alive, safe and in a state of (reasonably) good physical health in fact constitutive of a genuinely subversive act? Or am I just growing up?

What an uncharacteristically autobiographical post that was. Please come to my party tomorrow. I’m going to snort 20 kilos of heroin and then run with scissors.


What do you think of that, then?

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